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  • 552c5e superman

    I notice there are no license plates on any of these vehicles, at least not on the images. Do they have them or do they not have plates?

    há 6 dias atrás
  • 552c5e superman

    I really love this model but the white light that incessantly shines from around the outer edge of the right tail light can be really annoying. In a game where you're always being shot at, run into by other cars, or just crashing into things for fun, tail light lenses don't last long and within a few minutes it's shining in your eyes as you attempt to elude police in the middle of the night! Despite this, I gave it 5 stars anyway because this particular model Cherokee really is very nice but the white light issue is a big annoyance for some. I know you've already stated you know about it but don't know how to fix it. I'm no better because I don't know how to fix it either so I guess we can only hope someone eventually comes along who CAN fix it because for being an older "box" style SUV it's still rather popular among players.

    05 de Fevereiro de 2020
  • 552c5e superman

    @me_rocks_42 This is precisely WHY you should *never* post positive reviews of anything until you've actually installed and USED it... lol

    20 de Janeiro de 2020
  • 552c5e superman

    Any way to tighten up the shape of the flame? It looks more like an open flame when it should have a smooth cylindrical appearance resembling that of a blow torch. Great mod otherwise.

    18 de Janeiro de 2020
  • 552c5e superman

    @Contra Beats Another great 'Fugitive' replacement is the 1996 Impala SS.

    04 de Janeiro de 2020
  • 552c5e superman

    Does this bypasser have the same issue some of the other ones do where the game crashes if you go into or near building during a firefight?

    27 de Dezembro de 2019
  • 552c5e superman

    This is one of my favorite aircraft to fly. Excellent job!

    26 de Dezembro de 2019
  • 552c5e superman

    @MarreG Interestingly, the 68 Firebird/TA is precisely what I'm looking for too!

    25 de Dezembro de 2019
  • 552c5e superman

    In 1985 I bought the AMT Longslide .45 acp pistol used in Terminator. I didn't buy the laser just yet because I first wanted to see how I liked the pistol before investing more $$ for the laser. The pistol was stainless steel and looked VERY nice but just wasn't a favorite of mine so I quickly sold it.This is a pretty good recreation of it and I'm thoroughly enjoying using it in the game.Thanks for your effort!

    25 de Novembro de 2019
  • 552c5e superman

    Fantastic vehicle. Although it has no badging, the lightbar is based on the Federal Signal AeroDynic halogen rotator, which is one of THE most effective bars ever made. This one's a winner.

    10 de Novembro de 2019