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  • Gtao40

    @Daimian Ohh Thank You more 10x3000 !!!!
    you deserve a community Award !!!!

    04 de Outubro de 2019
  • Gtao40

    Hi Thank YOU SOMUCH !!
    Do you have fixed the native UI Bug ??

    04 de Outubro de 2019
  • Gtao40

    @Yoda4P Thank you Very Much

    02 de Setembro de 2019
  • Gtao40

    hi mate thanks for your amazing job !!!
    i use pull me over mod and there is a street xml for speed limitation in some street/area of the game so when i used your mod the names of the streets don't match because it's vanilla names .
    can you make a street xml to match with your mod or tell me where to refer to get the street names that match ?? Thank you so much .

    here the street xml streets :

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <Street>Paleto Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Duluoz Ave</Street>
    <Street>Pyrite Ave</Street>
    <Street>Cascabel Ave</Street>
    <Street>Procopio Dr</Street>
    <Street>Procopio Promenade</Street>
    <Street>O'Neil Way</Street>
    <Street>Joad Ln</Street>
    <Street>Grapeseed Main St</Street>
    <Street>Seaview Rd</Street>
    <Street>Union Rd</Street>
    <Street>Noth Calafia Way</Street>
    <Street>Grapeseed Ave</Street>
    <Street>East Joshua Road</Street>
    <Street>Marina Dr</Street>
    <Street>Nilland Ave</Street>
    <Street>Cholla Springs Ave</Street>
    <Street>Armadillo Ave</Street>
    <Street>Algonquin Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Mountain View Dr</Street>
    <Street>Lolita Ave</Street>
    <Street>Panorama Dr</Street>
    <Street>Zancudo Ave</Street>
    <Street>Alhambra Dr</Street>
    <Street>Joshua Rd</Street>
    <Street>Lesbos Ln</Street>
    <Street>Meringue Ln</Street>
    <Street>Bay City Ave</Street>
    <Street>Boulevard Del Perro</Street>
    <Street>Eastbourne Way</Street>
    <Street>Equality Way</Street>
    <Street>Hawick Ave</Street>
    <Street>Liberty St</Street>
    <Street>Magellan Ave</Street>
    <Street>North Rockford Dr</Street>
    <Street>Playa Vista</Street>
    <Street>Prosperity St</Street>
    <Street>Prosperity Street Promenade</Street>
    <Street>Red Desert Ave</Street>
    <Street>San Andreas Ave</Street>
    <Street>Sandcastle Way</Street>
    <Street>Brouge Avenue</Street>
    <Street>Carson Ave</Street>
    <Street>Covenant Ave</Street>
    <Street>Davis Ave</Street>
    <Street>Grove St</Street>
    <Street>Innocence Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Macdonald St</Street>
    <Street>Roy Lowenstein Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Abe Milton Parkway</Street>
    <Street>Carcer Way</Street>
    <Street>Caesar Pl</Street>
    <Street>Dorset Dr</Street>
    <Street>Dorset Pl</Street>
    <Street>Dunstable Dr</Street>
    <Street>Dunstable Ln</Street>
    <Street>Edwood Way</Street>
    <Street>Greenwich Way</Street>
    <Street>Heritage Way </Street>
    <Street>Mad Wayne Thunder Dr</Street>
    <Street>Marathon Ave</Street>
    <Street>Movie Star Way</Street>
    <Street>Portola Dr</Street>
    <Street>Rockford Dr</Street>
    <Street>San Vitus Blvd</Street>
    <Street>South Boulevard Del Perro</Street>
    <Street>South Mo Milton Dr</Street>
    <Street>South Rockford Dr</Street>
    <Street>Spanish Ave</Street>
    <Street>West Eclipse Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Ace Jones Dr</Street>
    <Street>Adam's Apple Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Aguja St</Street>
    <Street>Alta Pl</Street>
    <Street>Alta St</Street>
    <Street>Amarillo Vista</Street>
    <Street>Amarillo Way</Street>
    <Street>Americano Way</Street>
    <Street>Atlee St</Street>
    <Street>Autopia Parkway</Street>
    <Street>Banham Canyon Drive</Street>
    <Street>Barbareno Road</Street>
    <Street>Bay City Incline</Street>
    <Street>Baytree Canyon Road</Street>
    <Street>Bridge St</Street>
    <Street>Buccaneer Way</Street>
    <Street>Buen Vino Road</Street>
    <Street>Caesars Pl</Street>
    <Street>Calais Ave</Street>
    <Street>Capital Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Chum St</Street>
    <Street>Chupacabra St</Street>
    <Street>Clinton Ave</Street>
    <Street>Cockingend Dr</Street>
    <Street>Conquistador St</Street>
    <Street>Cortes St</Street>
    <Street>Cougar Ave</Street>
    <Street>Cox Way</Street>
    <Street>Crusade Road</Street>
    <Street>Decker St</Street>
    <Street>Didion Dr</Street>
    <Street>Dry Dock St</Street>
    <Street>Dutch London St</Street>
    <Street>East Galileo Ave</Street>
    <Street>East Mirror Dr</Street>
    <Street>Eclipse Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Elgin Ave</Street>
    <Street>El Burro Blvd</Street>
    <Street>El Rancho Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Exceptionalists Way</Street>
    <Street>Fantastic Pl</Street>
    <Street>Fenwell Pl</Street>
    <Street>Forum Dr</Street>
    <Street>Fudge Ln</Street>
    <Street>Galileo Road</Street>
    <Street>Gentry Ln</Street>
    <Street>Ginger St</Street>
    <Street>Glory Way</Street>
    <Street>Goma St</Street>
    <Street>Greenwich Parkway</Street>
    <Street>Greenwich Pl</Street>
    <Street>Hanger Way</Street>
    <Street>Hangman Ave</Street>
    <Street>Hardy Way</Street>
    <Street>Hillcrest Ave</Street>
    <Street>Hillcrest Ridge Access Road</Street>
    <Street>Imagination Court</Street>
    <Street>Industry Passage</Street>
    <Street>Ineseno Road</Street>
    <Street>Integrity Way</Street>
    <Street>Invention Court</Street>
    <Street>Jamestown St</Street>
    <Street>Kimble Hill Dr</Street>
    <Street>Kortz Dr</Street>
    <Street>Labor Pl</Street>
    <Street>Laguna Pl</Street>
    <Street>Lake Vinewood Dr</Street>
    <Street>Las Lagunas Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Lindsay Circus</Street>
    <Street>Little Bighorn Ave</Street>
    <Street>Low Power St</Street>
    <Street>Marlowe Dr</Street>
    <Street>Melanoma St</Street>
    <Street>Meteor St</Street>
    <Street>Milton Road</Street>
    <Street>Mirror Park Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Mirror Pl</Street>
    <Street>Morningwood Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Mount Haan Dr</Street>
    <Street>Mount Haan Road</Street>
    <Street>Mount Vinewood Dr</Street>
    <Street>Mutiny Road</Street>
    <Street>New Empire Way</Street>
    <Street>Nikola Ave</Street>
    <Street>Nikola Pl</Street>
    <Street>Normandy Dr</Street>
    <Street>North Archer Ave</Street>
    <Street>North Conker Ave</Street>
    <Street>North Sheldon Ave</Street>
    <Street>Occupation Ave</Street>
    <Street>Orchardville Ave</Street>
    <Street>Palomino Ave</Street>
    <Street>Peaceful St</Street>
    <Street>Perth St</Street>
    <Street>Picture Perfect Dr</Street>
    <Street>Plaice Pl</Street>
    <Street>Popular St</Street>
    <Street>Power St</Street>
    <Street>Richman St</Street>
    <Street>Rub St</Street>
    <Street>Sam Austin Dr</Street>
    <Street>Senora Road</Street>
    <Street>Shank St</Street>
    <Street>Signal St</Street>
    <Street>Sinner St</Street>
    <Street>Sinners Passage</Street>
    <Street>South Arsenal St</Street>
    <Street>South Shambles St</Street>
    <Street>Steele Way</Street>
    <Street>Strangeways Dr</Street>
    <Street>Strawberry Ave</Street>
    <Street>Supply St</Street>
    <Street>Sustancia Road</Street>
    <Street>Swiss St</Street>
    <Street>Tackle St</Street>
    <Street>Tangerine St</Street>
    <Street>Tongva Dr</Street>
    <Street>Tower Way</Street>
    <Street>Tug St</Street>
    <Street>Utopia Gardens</Street>
    <Street>Vespucci Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Vinewood Blvd</Street>
    <Street>Vinewood Park Dr</Street>
    <Street>Vitus St</Street>
    <Street>Voodoo Pl</Street>
    <Street>West Galileo Ave</Street>
    <Street>West Mirror Dr</Street>
    <Street>Whispymound Dr</Street>
    <Street>Wild Oats Dr</Street>
    <Street>York St</Street>
    <Street>Zancudo Barranca </Street>
    <Street>Los Santos Freeway</Street>
    <Street>Del Perro Freeway</Street>
    <Street>Great Ocean Highway</Street>
    <Street>La Puerta Freeway</Street>
    <Street>Elysian Fields Freeway</Street>
    <Street>Palomino Freeway</Street>
    <Street>Senora Freeway</Street>
    <Street>Los Santos Fwy</Street>
    <Street>Del Perro Fwy</Street>
    <Street>Great Ocean Highway</Street>
    <Street>Great Ocean Hwy</Street>
    <Street>La Puerta Fwy</Street>
    <Street>Elysian Fields Fwy</Street>
    <Street>Palomino Fwy</Street>
    <Street>Senora Fwy</Street>
    <Street>Olympic Fwy</Street>

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    31 de Agosto de 2019
  • Gtao40

    use 1.2 version plus native ui 1.7 and it's done

    29 de Agosto de 2019
  • Gtao40

    phone bug = native ui wrong
    just try to find a native ui that fit with the script and everything will work perfectly trust me

    29 de Agosto de 2019
  • Gtao40

    just try to change native ui 1.6.2

    29 de Agosto de 2019
  • Gtao40

    hey man thanks for your great work !!!
    i got a problem with michael on life invader mission the lady don't validate the outfit so i have to switch back to vanilla YMT and also on Vengelico Heist preps when you meet Lester at his factory he don't validate the outfit too ... can you see if there a way to fix that ?? thanks a lot

    28 de Agosto de 2019
  • Gtao40

    hi any one know how to get the camera effect when he entering a car in first video ?

    26 de Agosto de 2019
  • Gtao40

    @Carrythxd 800 !!! in add on or replacement ?

    26 de Agosto de 2019