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    Thank you everybody for the tremendous amount of patience on this one. And thank you to everybody who supported & tested on Patreon!

    Now for the back story... I & Compeast started on this mod way back in March last year, and the model was basically finished by August/September. But due to real world commitments, complete lack of freetime due to career/life shift, and faded interest in modding in general, the model has basically been sat unused since then. There are more variants currently in progress which I was originally planning on releasing as a pack of 3, but I felt it wouldn't be fair to hold off any longer, so they'll be coming later.

    It's unlikely I'll have enough time for the majority of this year (until at least late summer/autumn) to continue working on, or start new mods, however I will try my best to continue on the models I had planned for the Master B8 series and release them when they are ready. In the mean time, however, enjoy these two models as a *lot* of time and patience have been put into them, and I'm so happy & proud to have worked with Compeast on this, as his original concept, design and model, the Master impressed me from the very beginning of its creation.

    Thank you all again, and see you soon.

    14 de Janeiro de 2023
  • 8aabfd m188

    Cool, but does this address:
    - the fucked normals on literally all of these cars? We recently had a pack of day1 vehicles, which includes a few emergency versions, with polished weighted normals so it feels a bit counterproductive to have this conflict with that.
    - the police3 physics? seems to be a combination of really bad COM in handling and inertia vectors in the collision model.

    I'm also a tad confused as to why the side skirts of the Granger were removed, considering peds stand on them on all 4 variants of the emergency Grangers.

    Nicer in-game comparison pics would be nice compared to oofy OIV comparisons which don't really sell the mod very well; can barely tell the difference between the Police Cruiser comparisons, getting closeups in game would be nice.

    07 de Janeiro de 2023
  • 8aabfd m188

    holy fuck, this is pretty amazing

    02 de Janeiro de 2023
  • 8aabfd m188

    You mean 300R right? it's only listed as r300 in the files as r* can't start fragment models with a number lol

    01 de Janeiro de 2023
  • 8aabfd m188

    @AUSSIE_LAD_96 those all have entry animations though, climbing in the back or on that side. I'd need a really special anim to get peds to climb into the back seats of the Speedo, probably impossible due to the tight space and shuffle requirements.

    31 de Dezembro de 2022
  • 8aabfd m188

    @AUSSIE_LAD_96 unfortunately the seating layout and "shuffle" aspect of the seats means bodyguards can't enter the seats unless they are literally moved into the seat via other tools, or if they spawn in then via scenario events. This is also the case with a few vanilla vehicles that have rear seats but no entry animations for them (Velum, Bus (rear 4), Sentinel, etc). Nothing I can really do about it but feel free to have a go with creating a scenario that allows multiple peds to spawn in the back. I believe there's a few in the vanilla game that already do this

    30 de Dezembro de 2022
  • 8aabfd m188
  • 8aabfd m188

    quality shit post, love it

    21 de Agosto de 2022
  • 8aabfd m188

    @mrwallace888 well I'd assume that you would ask permission before remixing said song. And at what point did I say that it "is now theirs"? They've literally credited who did the original convert, which, in turn, credited the original source

    If you were to remix a song, you'd still be crediting the original artist, so I'm not really sure what point you were trying to make with that lol

    31 de Julho de 2022
  • 8aabfd m188

    @mrwallace888 I mean, in fairness, it's not straight from BeamNG. A significant amount of work has been put into making it work and fit for V, adding the interior, texturing, LODs, functional parts, dirt mapping, wheels, glass shards. If you were to "edit it without their permissions" you are effectively editing something which is partially their own work too. Not sure where it stands on BeamNG and whether their models can just be taken.

    30 de Julho de 2022