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  • C31fae

    @Philips I see what you're saying, but this is the only mod that has crashed my game in months and I've tested dozens of mods. It might be a rare problem that happens under specific circumstances, but it's a problem nonetheless. No disrespect intended to the author or anyone else.

    02 de Fevereiro de 2018
  • C31fae

    Just installed this new version. First time I was stuck at infinite loading, then I force quit and tried a second time and it worked just fine!

    17 de Janeiro de 2018
  • C31fae

    Amazing update to the mod! I just have a couple questions.

    In the Tyres menu, what are the Front and Rear headings for? The only one that appears to do anything is Tyre radius - Rim radius and Tyre width do not seem to change anything no matter what value I set them to...

    Also, what's the best way to get tires to sit evenly on the pavement after being enlarged and not sink below the ground? I've just been increasing the Tyre radius to set them higher on the vehicle, but some vehicles start glitching if I move the Tyre radius up too high. Maybe it's because I'm turning everything into monster trucks and making the tires too big?

    Thanks :)

    19 de Novembro de 2017
  • C31fae

    Very nice looking car, but it slides sideways across the road when you come to a stop..

    06 de Novembro de 2017
  • C31fae

    @XxKoreySuperGT Spawn name is Armordillo

    06 de Novembro de 2017
  • C31fae

    Loving the mod so far @ikt. Do you think you'll figure out a way to visually increase tire size? Or is that beyond the scope of what's possible? I haven't been able to find a mod that does that yet.
    Not trying to rush you - I just really enjoy your mod and that feature would be icing on the cake. Some vehicles tend to look a little silly when lifted with regular stock tires.
    Keep up the great work man.

    14 de Setembro de 2017
  • C31fae

    Wow, didn't realize that you had already updated this when I said it wasn't working for me. Just installed the new version and it works perfectly! Amazing mod :)

    28 de Junho de 2017
  • C31fae

    I love this mod, but it's no longer working for me either. I'm not using FiveM, just regular single player mods. I can change the values, but it doesn't affect the car.

    Looking forward to the next update :)

    26 de Junho de 2017
  • C31fae

    Ignore all of the people who are whining. I love ridiculous mods like this! Maybe try it on a lifted truck next?

    29 de Março de 2017
  • C31fae

    Is there any way to make more zombies spawn? I just build a base in the city and zombies are nowhere to be seen. Doesn't feel like enough of a challenge lol.

    03 de Março de 2017