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    I'd like to have a Unmarked Oracle MK2, but it didn't replace Bravado Buffalo.

    07 de Maio de 2021
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    It's too luxury for FIB. And strange to see that Ubermacht maded a car that totaly looks like an Albany car. Will Albany judge Ubermacht for copying design of Revolter?

    11 de Janeiro de 2021
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    If there a mod about Lamar and Trevor bonus missions, it it's not lthis is my idea of theese missions.
    1. Break into a ballas warehouse, steal drugs and shoot the Vagos that tried to steal drugs too.
    2. Familes trying to deal with Vagos, but The Lost interrupt this deal, Lost revember Trevor and trying to finish him off, take drug and money. Trevor shows his biker killing tallent and Lamar is wery impressed, both of them saves the deal, Familes and Vagos don't attack each other.
    3. Lamar meets Trevor in Familes meeting (not in a Denis house), most of them is sceptic about Trev, Lamar talks about deal between Vagos, most of members thinks about Trev is cool. Lamar and Trevor gets out of house and talks about Aztecs taking off special cargo train near Roy Lowenstein Boulevard, Lamar shoots to a large group of gang, but all of ready to confratation. In the industial zone Aztecs took a backup, all of gang on the roof has died, Trevor took a money befor the train enters the tonnel. Main point: You need to take out Aztec on the roof of train and take the money before a train enters a tonnel. This mission is a refference to a GTA SA mission: On the wrong side of tacks, yes it famous.

    25 de Dezembro de 2020