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    @CitiZeN030 make sure you have the requirements up to date. Mind that the last version of ScriptHookVDotNet is 3.5.1 and NativeUI is 1.9.1
    @nickaoke some animations require some time to end (like smoking) wait just a couple of secs and it will stop.

    há 6 dias atrás
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    @ssglz21 @BariTari @Vlone2Thug Sorry to hear that but it is working fine. You probably need to check carefully if the requirements are installed correctly and up to date (latest version). Specially ScriptHookVDotNet. Links are in the description.

    04 de Novembro de 2022
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    @M000SEE Hi, it's working fine also with the latest update. Make sure you have the latest version of the requirements listed in the description (specially ScriptHookVDotNet, at the moment v3.5.1)

    03 de Novembro de 2022
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    @Mylanoo Thank you!
    @BigShaqNOKetchup Thanks! If you name some animations you like and they fit well I may add them in future updates :)

    24 de Outubro de 2022
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    @dv_devino First of all thanks for the rating! Sorry to hear that but nothing comes to my mind beside the requirements not correctly installed/updated or maybe the different use of "," and "." for decimal numbers in some countries but never heard anyone talking about that yet. There still could be conflicts with some other mod but they are pretty rare.
    I trust you when you say you did it but the requirements are really only those two listed in the description. Pay attention that ScriptHookVDotNet last version is v3.5.1

    22 de Outubro de 2022
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    @beyondwithin Hi, unfortunately I don't have the last version of wov and I didn't know that the author made that change. As you can see in the description I just removed wov from the recommended mods since the last "The Gang" update. If you want, you can try The Gang v1.1 as it has still the old Hideout location (but don't install the oiv package from that version!)

    03 de Outubro de 2022
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    @MylesTheBroom Huh? There are missions where you have to kill and some others where you don't have to.

    27 de Setembro de 2022
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    @AnthonySarubbi Yes, I could add that, thanks for the rating and suggestion!
    @s020407 if you mean the animation just press R or B on the Controller. It's everything in the description.
    @Police LSPD Thanks a lot :) If you pay attention, there are many things that you can't do with menyoo (or at least not that easily). Some animations are also mixed together for better results trying to avoid goofy stuff. To not pay when smoking, drinking etc, at the end of the config change the value PayforStuff = true to PayforStuff = false

    23 de Setembro de 2022
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    Sorry guys but you need to read the description. I warned not to install the OIV package as it was meant for an older game version. An update is coming very soon anyway.

    18 de Setembro de 2022
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    @TM1195 Previous version used an older version of ScriptHookVDotNet. Update that and see if it solved the problem.
    @DeonDF Thanks a lot!

    11 de Setembro de 2022