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    @Lefix, i get same error as @JellyRogerV. When you enter the car or bike etc, game freezes and then i have to tab to the warning message which doesnt pop up just shows behind the screen of GTA. Click ok to the warning message and click back into GTA and then the player gets in the car and it works but the speedo doesn't show up at all. My version is 1.0.1180.2. Was a Brilliant Mod as i preferred the Analogue Speedo to all the Digital ones

    08 de Outubro de 2017
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    Brilliant Car :) one of the first mods i saw being late to the game. Love it as also one of my favourite cars. Has taken me quite sometime and learned a lot on how to convert cars to addons but did take me about 3 weeks to work it out.

    02 de Agosto de 2017