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    Was there ever a way to legally move the NPC you want to move?

    If possible, I would be happy if it would be possible to do this with "Add-on Peds" characters as well.

    25 de Novembro de 2023
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    There were other repair and car wash scripts,
    This "Clean And Repair Anywhere" is so wonderful and easy to use that I ended it and replaced it. thank you!

    However, what I am concerned about is that there was no problem from the first release to 1.06, but
    When I upgraded from 1.06 to 1.07, the performance suddenly deteriorated (fps value decreased).
    It's hard to say exactly how much, as it changes depending on the environment such as the cars running around you...

    02 de Outubro de 2023
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    It's great, but there are a few things that bother me...
    Animals are stuck on the guardrail and can't escape. (It seemed like the NPC's bicycle was also caught...)

    X:-521 Y:4373 Z:68 Part of the ground near the iron bridge is displayed as LOD. Well, this may vary depending on the player...

    Oh, and defragmenting the DLC file will reduce its capacity by more than half.

    24 de Setembro de 2023
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    It's a minor issue, but during the mission to steal the van, I couldn't climb up the ladder. (Of course, you can go up normally once the mission is finished).

    Also, if I changed the mission selection settings, a fingerprint authentication screen would appear at the casino entrance, and the game would not proceed from there.

    22 de Setembro de 2023
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    Version 1.2 does not experience any noticeable lag.
    (I haven't tried 1.1, so I don't know how much lag there was...).
    It's generally fun to play, but there are some issues.

    Even after the sales mission ends, the car the gangsters drove will stay there forever. (Even if you start and end the stealing mission after the selling mission ends)
    Even if you finish the mission, the undefeated gangs will remain in the world. Therefore, they will attack suddenly when there is nothing.

    These are nasty...

    As a request, I think it would be nice if it could be done only once, instead of going back and forth many times at the time of sale.

    thank you.

    25 de Maio de 2023
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    very nice!
    It works correctly even if you change the key (I tried Left Shift + F7)
    Addition/change of location by xml was also read.

    I have one question, the location by xml is divided into three areas,
    Will the secluded location be selected from within the starting area?
    Or will it be randomly selected from 3 areas regardless of the starting area?

    I started at the airport in Sandy Shores Areas, but I was taken to a location in the "City" area, so I was curious about that.
    (using edited xml, number of locations is reduced from default number of locations)

    12 de Abril de 2023
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    @thalilmythos I’m sorry for the trouble thank you.

    27 de Março de 2023
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    @thalilmythos I'm not an English-speaking person, so I'm sorry if it's hard to convey.
    I want to be able to carry out missions even from a distance.
    (Of course, even if it's too far away, I think you'll be in trouble.)
    Therefore, it would be great if the distance in that range could be controlled by ini.

    27 de Março de 2023
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    Thanks for the update.
    You can also load mission data of v2.0 properly.

    By the way, I have one request.
    It says "You can only receive missions near your area now." Is it possible to control this range with ini?
    For example, the south end hangar mission of LS Airport does not occur at a distance from the airport entrance.
    Depending on the distance, there may be missions that never occur...?

    27 de Março de 2023
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    Couldn't we expand the range where we can pickpocket, just a little bit, just a little bit more?
    (Every time I bump into the opponent's back, it becomes a commotion...)
    After that, how about being able to execute it in a passing manner?

    23 de Março de 2023