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    finally, someone posted something like this, thank you!

    21 de Março de 2020
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    @zentrox_ as far as i know it still doesn't work for fivem. (maybe you could tell me how?) but for your single player just read the instructions.txt in the mod download.

    08 de Agosto de 2019
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    @zentrox_ you can't install it to fivem. The fivem devs blocked ENB from working for whatever reason

    24 de Julho de 2019
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    Fantastic looking ENB! I added a video comparing it against stock NVR and this mod is great alongside NVR.

    22 de Julho de 2019
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    Jeez man, this looks absolutely fantastic, but what version of a reshade is supposed to be used in this? i don't see a ini preset file for current reshades in the download

    04 de Abril de 2019
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    Im also having the issue where the enb is activating in my pause menu but when i unpause it goes back to normal. ive restarted the game and reinstalled prsa multiple times and ive tinkered with the enb setting but i can not get it to work and the instructions i can find about how to install and configure are very confusing and unclear. Im using NVR with brighter emergency lights, 1st person DOF, and motion blur and no other enb/reshades.

    27 de Outubro de 2018
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    Great trainer but with the latests versions the trainer doesnt respond with my keyboard. for example i can navigate through the menus but when i try to type the spawn name to a car or to try to change a multiplier (like torque) i have to press the key on my keyboard multiple times for it to register in the trainer. it does this to me in v7.4/7.5 so ive been using a very old version of the trainer for a while. is there a fix? (its not my keyboard as ive switched keyboards since i first had the issue)

    29 de Julho de 2018