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    This is definitely the closest mod yet to achieving that perfectly "real" look I'm imagining, in stark contrast against the really underwhelming gore in the base game, and the more janky / over-the-top mods trying to fix that. I hope you keep working on this!

    07 de Dezembro de 2021
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    I wanna point out (shamelessly) that this mod does cause a minor issue in the private booths at the club. Minor, as in it doesn't break the game but is really fucking funny when it happens.

    Apparently the shove ability stays active when you get a lap dance and left mouse will still shove while allowing you to remain seated. Left mouse still functions as "flirt" but with the added effect of pushing the dancer and interrupting the animation. Then she will there idly until you press space which actually resets the animation.

    Curiously enough, the security don't give half a shit about this and only care if you actually "touch" the girls. Jealous assholes.

    13 de Abril de 2021
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    @Max_ Smoothing groups baked into the model, I assume. It's not the grips, it's the way the model is subdivided for smooth shading. It looks from the screenshots like they're a little wonky, especially on the frame / rear sight.

    Basically the smoothing groups tell the 3D engine which polys to shade smooth or hard. Having them mixed up causes hard edges to look soft and lose definition, and round or soft-edged parts won't smooth over and end up looking too sharp or blocky.

    I hope it's something you can fix, because the actual object itself is very well sculpted, and the smooth shading is a small but really important detail.

    11 de Abril de 2021
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    0/10 not enough Jock / Jolene Cranley

    11 de Abril de 2021
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    I never knew which I liked more; the model replacers themselves, or the commentary that comes with it...

    Keep doing your thing, dude. This is glorious.

    30 de Janeiro de 2021
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    It perpetually pisses me off that R* though to implement persistent, customizable vehicles for each of the three protagonists but didn't make it possible to change which vehicle that is. Fucking stupid and makes buying cars worthless.

    20 de Janeiro de 2021
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    Mhm...simple, but effective. I like it.

    I always felt this monstrous beast was held back by the unnecessary addition of that phony "optic." Especially since otherwise it really rocks the "tactical" look. Don't know what the artists were thing when they slapped that POS on top!!!

    19 de Janeiro de 2021