Grand Theft Auto V Platform Switcher with Jan30 updated Launcher .exe's



A tiny utility for easy switching between Rockstar Games Launcher, Steam, Epic Games Launcher with just only one game installation.
You don't have to install this pretty big game for each launcher and consume so much disk space by duplicating game files.
You can just manage all launcher editions by using one game installation and just switching platform-specific files. It saves so much time you'd spend by downloading and fighting stupid issues.

It's complain to give a text here, just watch entirely one of these tutorials if you have game installed from:
Steam -
Rockstar Games Launcher -
Epic Games Launcher -

- 64-bit Windows 10 (Windows 7 wasn't tested)
- .NET Framework 4.8.1

Q. Why are these tutorials so difficult?
A. There is needed to force all platforms using same game folder and making Rockstar Games Launcher determine all of them as installed. I recommend you to watch the tutorial entirely without any actions, and start doing all at second watch, or if you’re not so fast, set speed to 0,75x or 0,5x.
Note: «Move» in tutorials is NOT copy+paste (Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V), it’s cut+paste (Ctrl+X, then Ctrl+V)

Q. How to determine what’s my current version of Switcher and files?
A. Switcher version can be seen in Help — About at bottom left, files versions are shown in main window

Q. Is it open source?
A. Since 1.1.0 - yes, at
0.0.7 can be restored from commit history, older versions are lost forever, but you won't need them

Can be found in About - How to use
GTA5-Mods special changelog:
• with Jan30 updated Launcher .exe's: updated GTAVLanguageSelect.exe, GTAVLauncher.exe, PlayGTAV.exe to v1.0.0.66 and title.rgl to reflect Jan 30's minor game update to prevent very rare conflict during installation and usage
• - Switcher executable version 1.1.0: fixed issues of switching to and from Epic, updated registry paths to reflect new installation flags; added title.rgl file for every platform to prevent RGL's monkeycoded behavior
• - Contains Switcher executable version 0.0.7 with game files version 1.0.3095.0
• Many versions below down to oldest with the same executable as the one above, but with different base game executables
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