Add-On/Replace Base Folder [Vehicles | Weapons | Textures] v8.0 (All-In-One)



Hello guys! :)

This is an useful package for those that want to start (or continue) using Add-On and/or Replace mods. Start using an organized folders/files package and keep your game as clean as possible!

Why do I need this?
5 reasons here:

1.- Keep your game mods more organized.
2.- Save time installing mods by always following the same process and having a better control of what you install and remove. Less game crashes and if they occur is easier to find them!
3.- Install mods in just 1 location/folder which never will get outdated/stop working with normal game updates. You just need one!
4.- Have Add-On vehicles like Ford GT 2005 by Aige working as replacer mods for, in this case and as example, get the original game "Bullet" car replaced with the real life based vehicle mod.
5.- Learn how to put replacer vehicle/weapon mods as Add-On's yourself.

How can I do that if I don't know how and where?
You can find my tutorial thread in Forums which for this purpose. Check it out. it'll help you by A LOT.
- In English: [Tutorial | Vehicles/Weapons] How to do: Add-On's / Replacers
- En Español: [Tutorial | Vehículos/Armas] Cómo hacer: Add-On's / Reemplazos

I wrote a TIPS thread in Forums some time ago to help with performance problems caused by Add-Ons and more. Check it out, it'll help you a bit:
- [TIPS] Vehicle and Script installed Mods

HIGHLY RECOMENDED (Compulsory/Mandatory to install more than 10 Add-On vehicles, otherwise your game will crash):
- Gameconfig for Limitless vehicles by @F7YO

Do you want to Add Peds instead of replacing the existing one's?
- AddonPeds & PedSelector by @Meth0d


v1.0 to v6.0
- 3 different Add-On/Replace installation folder packages and several readme changes for all of them. Variety matters!
- Contains the Add-On weapons version package. You're now able to install weapons as Add-Ons. Take a look at the readme included to learn more!
- The Add-On Rims pack was added. It includes into the META files an example of which kind of information should go inside.
- All the packages from 1.0 to 8.0 versions were included as an All-in-One downloadable file.

If this helps you, please don't forget to rate the upload with 5 stars ;)
If you think there's something that needs to be fixed and/or improved, please share your feedback with me!

Have a good day!
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