TRUE Gang Colors



TRUE Gang Colors


Make the streets of Los Santos more dangerous with TRUE Gang Colors! This mod adds a dynamic element to gang interactions by making gang members react aggressively or fearfully to vehicles sporting rival gang colors. Ballas, Families, Vagos, Marabunte and the Salvadorian gang will now engage in combat with the player driving a vehicle displaying the colors of their rival gangs.

Ballas vs. GREEN and YELLOW
Families vs. PURPLE
Vagos vs. PURPLE and BLUE
Marabunte vs. YELLOW
Salvadorian vs YELLOW

If you use Los Santos Red:
--- Diablos: RED vs. GREEN
--- Yardies: GREEN vs. RED / PURPLE
--- Triads: WHITE vs. RED

If you suggest any relation please let me know, as I want it to be as lore friendly as possible, or change it for yourself in the XML
If you find any missing color shades that do not get detected, please inform me. Support and feedback are appreciated! This is my first mod!


- Gang members react to rival gang colors on vehicles.
- Increased hostility when approaching rival gang territories.
- Realistic confrontations with gang members, adding an immersive element to the game.
- Customise the color relations in an XML file

How to Install

- Make sure you have the latest version of Grand Theft Auto V.
- Install the Script Hook V and Script Hook V .NET.
- Copy the "GTAVGangColors.dll", "gang colors.xml" files
into the "scripts" folder within your GTA V directory.
- If the "scripts" folder doesn't exist, create it.
- Launch GTA V and enjoy the enhanced gang interactions!

Usage of XML File

The mod introduces an XML file named "gang colors.xml" for customizing color relations between gangs. This file is located in the same directory as the mod script. Follow these steps to customize gang color relations:

- Open the "gang colors.xml" file in a text editor
- Customize the color relations for each gang following the provided structure
- Save the file after making your changes
- Restart GTAV

Known BUGS
- random red blimps on map
- you can steal gang cars without them getting angry

Future improvements to add:

- make it so that friendly groups can't attack when chaos breaks out
- add a "mobile phone" animation to call for backup
- make the reactions check if the member has a gun, if true he will attack or be confident, if false he runs away or stands fearfull
- make gang members react to other npc vehicles not just the player
- exclude big Trucks and other heavy duty vehicles
- add Lost MC

- Unfortunatly I have tested it with Los Santos Red and it gets pretty chaotic as different gangs use the same gangrelationshipgroup (at least thats what I whink is the reason)
- Not tested with LS Life yet

Important Notes

This is my first GTA 5 mod!
This mod does not affect taxis to maintain realism in the game.
Ensure you have backups of your game files before installing any mods.

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TRUE Gang Colors mod by SeBoy

Also please check out and leave a Sub my Band ARDENITE:

Change Log

v. - 30.11.2023
- First attempt in making it more compatible with "Los Santos Red" (best mod imo!)
-- Added all gangs from LSR
--- Diablos: RED vs. GREEN
--- Yardies: GREEN vs. RED / PURPLE
--- Triads: WHITE vs. RED

v.0.5 - 29.11.2023
- Now gang members not only go Hostile but they also turn Friendly towards the Player if the Players vehicle color is a Friendly Color

v.0.4. - 16.11.2023
- Added more reactions that get randomly triggerd
-- now hostile gang member can attack, flee, stand guard, walk towards the car and then attack (might get triggert too soon), cower (possible not working yet)
- Added pearlescent colors (still don't know how to manage it, depend a lot on color combination)
- Added more colors

v.0.3. - 13.11.2023
- Added the Marabunte gang (BULE vs. YELLOW)
- Added the Salvadorian gang (BULE vs. YELLOW)
- Added more colors in the XML file (you can always add and remove more and destribute as you like)

v.0.2.1 - 13.11.2023
- Fixed the Bug where both colors are the same and nobody gets hostile
- Some more colors in the XML File (you can always add and remove more and destribute as you like)

v.0.2 - 13.11.2023
- Added support for configuring color relations via an XML file.
- Ability to customize color relations for existing gangs (Family, Ballas, Vagos) and
potentially add new gangs with their own colors (untested).
- Logging of current primary and secondary colors in the GTAVGangColors Log.txt file for
easy reference.
- Inclusion of current relations with gangs for the player in the log file.
- This version is a beta release, and further testing and user feedback are encouraged.
- Please refer to the updated Readme or documentation for information on configuring color
relations via the XML file.
- Found a BUG when both colors are the same no hostility gets triggert. Will fix in next version

v.0.1 - 12.11.2023
First Release
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