Girlfriend HC - (Para Nivinha Peds (MP Female)) 1.0.8


My K-pos.
IMPORTANT: Replace all files from the previous mod to this one! But if you prefer to keep the outfits you already had, just replace the files:
(Girlfriend.dll, Girlfriend.ini, Girlfriend.pdb)

1) Choose the folder that contains your language (English or Spanish)
2) Drag the 4 files to your scripts folder.

Requirements: NativeUI - ScriptHookVDotNet and ScriptHookV in their latest versions.

1) In the main directory of GTA V find the file (ScriptHookVDotNet.ini), open it and change the word "None" to "Insert"
2) When you start the game, use the Insert key to reload your mods.
3) With the "K" key you access the menu.
4) For the Clothing menu: Change clothing with arrow (Left and Right), To change textures with (NumPad 8 and NumPad 2)
5) When you load the mod and press the (L) key and your girlfriend is very far away, she will board a taxi towards you, if she is close to you and you press (L) you will be able to interact with her.
6) When your girlfriend is right on the pink mark, you can interact with the key (I) and a message will arrive with instructions for each action.
7) If you do not want to interact with her, you move from the point and press the key (I) to end the girlfriend's call.
8) If you are with your girlfriend in a vehicle and you have already called her with (L) for the first time, conversations will be generated if you press the (I) key inside a vehicle.
9) When your girlfriend is nearby you can use the (G) key to walk next to your girlfriend.
10) In the menu option called Dispatch will make the bride go home!
11) Added keys (PageUp and PageDown) for customization control in the Customize MP menu.
12) If you slept with your girlfriend, when she wakes up press (L) to wake her up.

For the super bodies, you should install the ones from @nivinha.

1) New animations of positions and chairs were added to make it more realistic!
2) Hot Coffee Menu Incorporated in main menu
3) Characters take off their clothes when entering Hot Coffee
4) The clothing menu was incorporated with all possible options.
5) Teleportation option for the bride.
6) Improve the bride's intelligence, she is more precise in her actions.
7) The (Save and Load) functions now also save the clothes you choose for your girlfriend.
8) Franklin puts away her current clothes and at the moment of Hot Coffee he takes them off and when he leaves her he returns to his initial clothes.
9) Added interactions to Greet, Talk and Kiss your girlfriend.
10) Added the function for your girlfriend to take a taxi to where you are.
11) The option (Load Outfit) was added to the menu to load the outfit you save for each bride.
12) The nudity option was added to the menu, Check it if you have @Nivinha peds installed, (They will remove their clothes correctly) if you don't have these peds, leave it unchecked.
13) Added the function for your girlfriend to walk next to you.
14) The options (Dispatch and Save Outfit) were added to the menu. Dispatch will make your girlfriend look for a taxi and go to her chosen house and Save Outfit will store the Outfit you choose for your girlfriend.
15) Added 3 houses so you can choose one for your girlfriend and a bed in Franklin's house, she will sleep with you! They will have markers with their instructions!
16) MP Female is customizable, more customization options and automatic voice for the girlfriend were added.

1) MpFemale was added, this character is customizable!
2) Texture control was added, Now you can vary your outfits more.
3) A new list of Brides was chosen to rule out errors and offer them the installation video of each new Bride that is added
4) Fixed loading errors in the clothing menu!
5) Improved the function when the bride orders a taxi.
6) Added 3 houses for you to choose one for your girlfriend.
7) At Franklin's house you can sleep with your girlfriend.
8) Fixed errors when loading a girlfriend.
9) Added the option to customize MP Female
10 Added an automatic dialogue for the bride

Recommendations :
1) Do not use Hot Coffee if you are inside a vehicle or if the girlfriend is in combat, doing so generates an error in the menu, do it in privacy with the girlfriend!
2) Always try to use a girlfriend currently saved for Hot Coffee and to save data, try not to go from one girlfriend to another for leisure, if you don't want the current girlfriend choose a new one the way the messages in the game show you!
3) If it happens that your girlfriend boards a taxi and it doesn't arrive! Go get her, maybe the taxi had an accident.
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