Fixed Underwater Spawns 1.2

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This mod will fix the broken spawn mechanism of underwater pickups / hidden packages.


- Fixed respawn behavior (pickups not spawning)
- Discrete respawn timers for each pickup
- Customizable respawn times


- Latest Script Hook V
- Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable (x64)
- Legit, non-pirated version of GTA V


1. Install ScriptHook V
2. Copy "UnderwaterPickups.asi" and "UnderwaterPickups.ini" into the GTA 5 root directory, where GTA5.exe is located.

Underwater pickup spawns are broken in GTA V?

Yes, because of two reasons. First: All underwater pickups share the same respawn timer. If any pickup is collected, the game will remove all other underwater pickups from the map and they will not respawn for 24 hours (ingame time). Second: The game doesn't check if an underwater pickup is actually collected. If the player pass an area nearby* an underwater pickup without collecting it, all pickups will be removed from the map and will not respawn for 24 hours.

*nearby means up to 200m away from actual pickup

This mod fix both issues. Each pickup is tracked individually and respawn timers will only start when the pickup is actually collected.


The mod can be configured by editing the "UnderwaterPickups.ini" file. Each setting is explained in the ini file.

The default respawn time for each pickup is 24 hours. If the respawn time is set to 0, the packages will respawn immediately after leaving the pickup area. This can be done by either swimming away 200m from the collected pickup or switching characters back and forth.


Version 1.2

- Supports game version 1.0.1737.6
- Unsupported game version notification is no longer shown multiple times

Version 1.1

- Add option to show hidden packages on map (disabled by default)

Version 1.0

- Supports game version 1.0.1737.0
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