Ultimate Outfit Pack [Menyoo] 3.0



This is an outfit pack for the Menyoo SP trainer

MP Freemode characters (aka GTA Online character models) can be the trickiest characters in the game to design outfits for due to their numerous components and the sheer number of options. That's why I made this pack with every premade outfit available in GTA Online. There are currently 2,154 outfits in all.

-Added outfits from The Doomsday Heist, After Hours, Arena War, The Diamond Casino & Resort, The Diamond Casino Heist, The Summer Special Update, and The Cayo Perico Heist.
-Reorganized and renamed some folders.
-Due to a change in GTA V, applying the outfits will now make you bald. There's nothing I can do about that at my level, so you will have to select your outfit first, then hairstyle.

-Added 17 Flight Suits, 14 Air Racing Suits, 6 Associate, 2 CEO, 16 MC, and 10 store-counter outfits from the Smuggler's Run update. 65 new outfits for both genders = 130 new outfits.

-Added 18 Associate, 6 CEO, 32 MC, and 10 store-counter outfits from the Gunrunning update, as well as the new freemode version of the ballistic armor. 67 new outfits for both genders = 134 new outfits.

-Added compatibility with Menyoo's new folder support(!!!) No more scrolling through the entire list.
-Added Hair Decals. Select a hairstyle from the main Wardrobe menu like you would before, then go to the Hair Decal folder and select the same number, then Apply Clothing and Attachments. Now your MP character will have the appropriate head decal to go with their hairstyle (blends it and makes it look more natural).
-Added categories Beach, Casual, Eccentric, Flashy, Party, Smart, Sporty and Street from the Character Creator menu.
-Added Vehicle Vendetta mode outfits in 10 colors.

-added Juggernaut outfits
-added illuminated bodysuits
-added new CEO and Associate outfits
-added new clothing store counter outfits

- 10 clothing store outfits
- 88(!) MC outfits
- 11 Deadline (Tron) outfits
- 4 Slipstream outfits
for both genders
= 226 new outfits!

- Added 56 new outfits from the Cunning Stunts update.

- 12 new CEO outfits
- 36 new Associate outfits
-15 "Finance and Felony" outfits (sold at the clothing store counter)
- 4 SecuroServ outfits
for both genders = 144 new outfits!

- every outfit available at the counter of clothing shops
- every special outfit that is locked to Heist missions
- all VIP and Bodyguard outfits
- the default outfits from Sumo and Drop Zone adversary modes, in all 10 available colors
- special unsaveable outfits from gameplay modes such as Extraction mode Target, or The Beast.


Move whichever outfits you want to use into [game directory]/MenyooStuff/Outfit

To move all the outfits at once, move the Outfit folder from this download into your MenyooStuff directory and click "Yes" when prompted to merge folders.

Once you've started the game, open Menyoo, go to
Player > Wardrobe > Outfits and select it from the list. Choose "Apply Clothing and Attachments" to apply
the outfit without changing your MP character's face and hairstyle.

If you want to use your Online character, go into Director Mode and select Online Character. You can also save your character as a preset in Menyoo for easier access.

Please let me know if there are any outfits I missed and I'll try to add them in. Lots of Versus and Adversary modes have outfit categories, but they're made by randomizing a few different items of clothing, and as such there isn't a "premade" outfit that I could pull from them.

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