Noctis Lucis Caelum & Cindy Aurum Final Fantasy XV [Add-on Ped | Replace] v1.5


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Recommend enabling MSAA in Graphic setting for better hair render! Preview

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Changelog version 1.5:
• Cindy - Improved Cindy's Specular Hair.
• Cindy - Added New Red Bull Racing Outfit Texture
• Cindy - Added New Hair Style (Hair model by Nightcrawler)
• Noctis - Fix some of the texture were wrongly input.
• Noctis - Fix alpha zip.

Change-log v1.4 - Cindy Update
• Materials fully optimized
• Breast physics
• Weight fix on lower part/belts
• YMT Update - Alternative textures support (Each component parts have 3 slots).

Change-log v1.3a
• Added New Female Character - Cindy Aurum
• (Cindy) Fix hair material - No more alpha glitch.
• (Cindy) Added LODs

Change-log v1.2
• Added New Set of Custom Casual Outfits
• Added/Fix some missing texture

Change-log v1.1
• Added New Set of Formal Outfits - Including Royal Raiment Outfit

Mod Feature:
• Complete outfits for Noctis
• Full Facial Animation
• Fully Rigged
• Variation Outfits and textures
• Can work as a pedestrian (Replace Method)

• Model from Final Fantasy XV, Belongs to Square Enix
• Model Port into Xnalara by Shreis, Crazy31139, Banana-connoisseur, Xelandis, BurningEnchanter & EvgeniyNoname.
• Custom Hair Sims 4 model by Sclub, Wings, Anto, & Nightcrawler
• Rigging, conversion & 3D Editing by alex189
• Thanks to saldin93 for the best advice!
• Custom Casual Texture & Screen-shots by saldin93
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