LAPD/LSPD Retro AS-350 Ecureuil

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Hello:) yes I have made yet another as350 helicoptertexture but yes this one is a much better texture I have made from SkyLineGTRFreak's sheriff texture..

-this texture is based of of the retro lapd texture used in the the fleet of as350's before they got there new paint job..

There are still many things that are not good with this texture like the color has some spots on it which I thing is pretty cool because it makes it look old and used:) but otherwise the lettering and pattern is pretty good but most parts are just re-colored parts of this texture-

All credit for the model and 2 textures that are in the dlc.rpfs SkyLineGTRFreak
All credit for the 2 lspd/sahp go to the TheSigui........ there textures and models have been added for the making the install as easy and painless as possible for those who know and don't know how to mod. So understand I'm not taking or ripping any of there files so donate and give full respect to SkyLineGTRFreak and
TheSigui - for making these lovely textures and models out for all of us to enjoy for free:) PLEASE READ THE README IT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING TO A T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks and please don't be rude I know its not perfect but its something also I'm working on a lasd real texture out soon:) theres screenshots of that in the readme aswell.. Enjoy I also say texture a lot in this -__(:D)__-
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