Vanilla Cops Remastered 2.0

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I made this mod as a personalized police enhancement mod, using all the knowledge I learned by modding and testing myself, as well as learning from other modders.

I have re-added many unused police assets and made officers more proficient in combat.
I'll list off some features here.

Vanilla Cops Remastered
Version 2.0

-Retextured police badge
-Included beta LSPD officers
-Remodeled sheriff's vest
-Changed Sheriff cruiser texture
-Changed Sheriff SUV texture
-Added Sheriff maverick
-Loadout tweaks
-Combat behaviour tweaks
-Dispatch tuning tweaks
-Crimeinformation tweaks
-Cops can now bust you at up to 2 stars

Heap Adjuster


-Install the .OIV package using openIV
-Drag and drop Heap Adjuster into the main GTA V directory.

Recommended mods:

-Don't Writhe ( will stop peds from writhing and dying, extending gunfights
-PEV: DT SWAT Interior Fix ( stops SWAT peds from despawning and glitching out when the player enters a building.

Community resource credits:

Yard1 for the Sheriff Maverick ( which I retextured to fit my LSSD colorscheme.
Yard1 for LSPD beta cops ( which I slightly retextured and added as a seperate ped, so they can spawn alongside vanilla cops.
x3mgamer for the Sheriff Black and white cruiser ( which I also retextured to fit my colorscheme.
Cpast for Combat tweaks which allows me to tamper more with the dispatch and combattasks files.

-Matuska (Putting it all together)
-Bug Basher (Modelling the LSPD vest onto sheriff peds)
-PEV team (Told me which files do what)
-Olanov (Helping with OIV installer)
-MrJayden585 (Helping with OIV installer)
-Niziul (Actually fixing the OIV installer)

"If you get into bed with the LSPD, don't expect to get out without having been ripped 3 new assholes." - me, the idiot who made this after playing Max Payne 3 and becoming a cool line junkie.
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