Updated Enhanced Fighting Animations (WIP) 4.5 (Big Update OIV Fix)



What this mod is all about:
This mod overhauls the visual aspect/functionality of melee fights allowing them to look more realistic and varied when compared to the original GTA V melee system. It completely enhances the melee combat system adding in new melee weapon combos, fighting animations, taunts, damage/ reactions and much more. It makes melee fights longer lasting, visually appealing and generally more fun. (Full description on OIV File Provided)

Included in this Mod: (Simple View)
+New Melee Animations (Used from GTA V database)
+Combo Finishers
+Melee Weapon Combos
+Alternate Unarmed Combos
+Enhanced Counter Moves
+Melee Weapon Animations
+Failed Takedown Animations Replace Forward Kicks
+Edited Ped Health and Damages
+Player and AI Taunts
+ Melee Enemy Types with Different Buffs and Weaknesses
+Melee Enemy Types Have Different Melee Combos/Finishers
+Many Enemies Fight at Once
+Replaced Shove attack
+Armed Gun Melee Combos
+Edited Gunner Melee Reactions
+One Handed and Two Handed Gun Attack Combos/Combo Finishers

Download instructions in Read Me.

New video showcase available! ;D
OIV Package Support for quicker installation! (manual optional available too)

Requirements: (prevents crashes)
Heap adjuster:

Packfile limit adjuster:

Incompatible mods: (Feel free to let me know)
World of Variety
Streets of Rage Brawling
*Notice* : Any mods that edit meta files such as pedbrawlingstyles, pedhealth, etc.

Change Log:

-4.5- (Read "Important Info.txt" for full Description)
BS_MONK and BS_STRONG brawling styles are now new UNIQUE fighting styles.
BS_BOSS replaces the older BS_WEAK (Check "New Brawlingstyle info and Enemy Types.txt" for more info on all brawlingstyles including what vanilla peds are assigned to each one)
New Weapon Attacks/smoother reactions
Psycho Animations have been integrated
Upgraded Large weapon Combos/Finishers
Improved Armed/Gun combat
Peds/gang edits: New melee attacker buffs
New Verbal Taunting abilities
Improved Damages (realistic deaths)
Props stay on longer during combat (Sunglasses, hats, etc.)

-4.0 (gameconfig update)-
Updated gameconfig for new update. Gameconfig (1.0.2372)
Edited Gameconfig melee variables for better performance.

Melee weapon Combos
New enemy types with buffs and weaknesses (Ped list included and tutorial in "New Brawlingstyle info and Enemy Types.txt")
New edited moves and melee weapon finishers.
Edited pedhealth to enhance combat.
Smoother melee reactions and armed gunner reactions.

-3.5 (fixed)-
Updated the gameconfig for recent update
Added Uninstall OIV File
Re-Added original "gut punch" move from previous updates

(more in depth description of version 4.0 in "Important READ ASAP" text document.)

Enjoy and thank you for your support!
PS: If you use this mod in your videos be sure to credit me so others can experience this too! Thank you! :D

Special Thanks and credit:
Thank you F7YO for allowing me to edit your gameconfig to support this mod, without it this would not be possible! Give him support and I do not claim this gameconfig as my own as all credit goes to him! :D
Link & Account:

Thank you: Felix Bartling (reditec) ! This makes installations so much easier!

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