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Hello fellas! Here's my 1st map mod, (okay)...I've seen that most people like flight simulating in GTA...but one thing They dislike is: These "airport" around Los Santos, are pretty "unrealistic", here's why...
Runways are too short and narrow...It's a runway for a shamal but not for an A380, useless places, Objects in the tarmac like stairs, small space to taxi big planes. Taxiways are too confusing, very short, and very narrow. The Sandy Shores airfiled may be described as an airport, but just an airfield than a airport. Also F-Zancudo, It's a military base...and planes have no real
Well, not as realistic as real life. So I built a realistic airport by myself.

- Very laaaaaarge Runway (enough for AN-225, A380, and 747)
- Large Tarmac
- 1 terminal at the moment (New terminal under construction)
- Wider taxiway exits
- Taxiways may be a little bit narrow but I'll change that soon

- Menyoo
- Scripthook
- Custom Props (Add-on)

- Fictional Airport but Better Airport than LSIA
- Unrealistic planes? There's a mod that changes all planes handling, to realistic handling. By that means: realistic take-off, landing, etc.
- The reason why not lots of props is in the Readme!

- At first, I have to get one beast PC to build it.
- Now airport will be a real life one. It'll be Denver INT airport.
- The airport will be moved far away from Los Santos. Now It'll be like a real-full flight experience (at least 7-8 minute flight)
- The Airport will soon have a lot of deco, peds, cars, and especially airplanes (and all of them :D)
- More runways will be added
- Taxiways will be larger, also runway.
- Markings will be finally added

1.0 - First Released
1.01 - Readme now included (had and issue, promise it won't happen again)
2.0 - Replaced all grass with stunt landing zones, all 3 small terminals were deleted (screenshots will be added soon!)

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