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  • Franklin

    @AngelicaS This has been happening to me too, have you found the problem/solution?

    06 de Julho de 2022
  • Franklin

    @Real_Gabe No, my game is nor pirated, Yes it is up to date, yes I did copy all files to my mods folder, and yes my game does start if I rename my mods folder. But I still want to play gta with my mods, and I can't do that without my mods folder. Once I changed the name back to "mods" my game crashed on me, and I haven't been able to play since! Please look into your mod because this is really frustrating!

    02 de Maio de 2021
  • Franklin

    this mod broke my game. i installed it using the oiv file, when i tried to play the game, it immediately crashed at the loading screen. so I thought "no big deal" because there was an uninstall oiv file, so I used that to get rid of the mod, but it didn't work. the uninstaller also broke my game meaning, it crashed on me and I haven't been able to play gta ever since. what do i do now?

    28 de Abril de 2021